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My great great fandfather was John Rainey (1800-1868). He was born in Ireland and came to the US around 1835 with his Irish wife and first three sons (John, Michael and Patrick). My grandfather was his 4th son and first born in the US in 1838 in Troy, N Y. Here's the rest:

1st Son: John Rainey (1832-1892)married Mary Gilligan Rainey (1834-1898) in Irleand about 1828. Both lived and died in Troy from at least 1838 to her death in 1864 and his in 1868. The are buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery.

His descendents include: John (1855-1929), Dr. John Joseph (1884-1973); Mary Rainey Duffey married John J Duffey about 1882. Most of the family then settled in Watervliet including many Duffey lines today.

2nd Son: Michael Rainey (1831-19??) married Maria Cardiff(1835-19??) about 1853; lived in Troy till at least 1890.

His descendents include: John (1854-?), Eliza (1857-?), Thomas (1859-?), Michael Jr. (1860-1890) and Mary (1863-?). Dozens of others

3rd Son: Patrick Rainey (1833-1???) Last known address was Yonkers, NY in 1860

4th Son: Maurice (Morris) Rainey (1838-1906) !!My great grandfather!! married Mary Martin (1852-1894) in about 1870. Both born and died in Troy; buried in St Joseph's Cemetery.

His descendents include: William (1871-1912); John (1872-193?)--moved to Dover NJ in 1903; had son James Rainey 1909-1981); Maurice Jr (1874-1942) !!my grandfather!! Charles (1875-1896); Anna Rainey Beehm (1879-194?); Ellen Rainey Butler (1886-194?).

My grandfather had four sons (Joe 1900-1960), James 1907-1972), John Carl (1912-1992) and my father Raymond; his daughter Mary (1903-1977) married Irving Van Vorst about 1928.

An unusal fact about my great grandfather is that somehow he ended up in Mobile, Alabama in 1859 when jobs must have been scarce. He ended up as a Confederate solder from 1861-1865. We have several of his military records including his prisoner release and the Allegiance Pledge he took and signed in June, 1865. From what I've traced his brother Thomas was a Union soldier from 1862 to 1864. This is based on a Civil War listing of Troy veterans who served. The age matched that this could hve been Maurice's brother.

1st Daughter: Maryann (1841-191?); remained unmarried and was a lifelong resident of Troy. Last appeared in the Troy US Census for 1910.

5th Son Thomas (1842-1???) Apparently in Civil War. May have married an Ellen? and lived until at leat the 1880's.

6th Son: Henry (1844-1???) No record of him after address in Yonkers in 1860.

Some of the other family names that had marriages with family members include:

Beehm who married Macomber (from Rochester, NY)
O'Connor (from Waterford, NY)

Rainey was spelled in various records as


Researcher: Mike Rainey

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