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Troy, New York

General Meeting
Thursday, September 15, 2011
Mosciatello’s Restaurant

l. Call to Order and Welcome to our Guests at 6:40 PM
Attendees: Kris Ayotte, Richard Boland, Grace Bulger, Jeanne Keefe, Heid Klinowski, Gail Landrigan, William McMahon, Gerri Sherri, Lizette Strait, Tim Stone and Patrick Surace

2. Kris Ayotte agreed to take Meeting Minutes

3. August Meeting Minutes are posted on the Website

4. Reports
Treasurer (Lizette): 82 paid members
Previous balance $3995.81
Expenses $38.01 4 Flash Drives
Deposit $20.00 memberships
Petty Cash $21.63
Total Assets: $3999.43

List Administrator (Brad) 247 List Members

Facebook (Donna) 203 Like us on Facebook

Ongoing Business
$400 to Adopt a Civil War Stone at St. Agnes discussed. It was decided that this had previously been voted on and approved, no further discussion needed. Jeanne Keefe reviewed the bylaws and noted that there were specifically left non-specific for general purposes.

$100 to Pat Conners Website was also previously discussed and voted on, no further discussion needed.

Reprinting of the Woodside Church for the Burden Iron Museum. Copies will be printed, at Tigs expense, for Burden Iron Museum, The Troy Public Library and one for the Woodside Church. It was agreed that TIGS did not need a copy as there is no one location for access to the copy.

Update on the Troy Newspaper Project: 10 more years 1849-1859 with 7000 names from the Troy Whig added to the TIGS Website. 20 more years have been transcribed and are going through final anaylsis prior to be putting on website. Bill McGrath is working on an additional 10 years.

St.Mary’s Cmetery Interments: 159 pages our of 225 pages have been sent to transcribers, of those 115 pages have been transcribed and returned.

New transcription project in the works of the Nail Factory Cemetery in South Troy, also knowns a the 6th Ward Cemetery.

Church Memorial Project continues. St. Mary’s Church in Troy was recently added to the TIGS database. Five more churchs are in the works.

Volunteers for TIGS Tables at International Festival at Hill St. Market Place was limited to Kris Ayotte, so the table was passed on. We are still looking for volunteers for the Heritage Hunters Conference in Schuylerville on Sat, Oct 15, 2011.

Newsletter is still pending a volunteer to coordinate and produce.

Scotland Trip tabled due to very high air fare.

New Business
Heidi Klinowski informed the group of the Earl Chapel Gala to be held on 10/6. Cost is $65 per person. If you are interested in the Gala or raffle tickets contact Heidi. She will also post information to the list. Heidi is the Publicity Chair for the cemetery.

Jeanne Keefe noted she is in need of 2 external hard drives. Liz will be notified as exactly what Jeanne is looking for and will purchase.

It was suggested that Jeanne Keefe and Kathy McGrath head a dinner committee to look into other locations for the meetings and report back to the group.

Kris Ayotte brought a “Flip Pal” miniature scanner ideal for genealogy to show the group. Kris also brought miniature monoculars that were being disposed of at her company and gave them to those that wanted one.

Genealogy Table/Discussion
Gail Landrigan gave a wonderful presentation on the benefits of Ancestry and contacts she has made from whom she has received information including a large packet of paper material. Her talk on her Gannon and Stong families was very informational and inspiring.

Next Meeting October 20th at Mosciatello’s Restaurant.

Meeting Adjourned by President Gerri Sherry at 7:40PM

Respectfully Submitted by Kristin Cooney-Ayotte


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