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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
September 2007

Troy, New York

The regular monthly meeting of the Troy Irish Genealogy Society was held on Thursday, September 20, 2007 at the M.J.’s on the Avenue in North Troy, New York.   The following individuals were in attendance:

Kris Ayotte                             Bill McGrath              
Kay Brearton                        Cathy McGrath
Mary Beth Brown                 Francis X. Ryan
Michele Grudecki                 Lizette Strait
Jeanne Keefe                       Jan Sullivan
Mike McAlonie                      Donna Vaughn
Wendy McAlonie                  Kris White      
The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by Donna Vaughn, President.   Michele Grudecki and Mary Beth Brown were welcomed to the meeting.   The members also welcomed back Mike and Wendy McAlonie and Frank Ryan.

A motion was made by Jean Keefe and seconded by Jan Sullivan to approve the minutes of the August 16, 2007 meeting.   The motion passed.  The minutes have been published on the TIGS website.


There were no reports from the President, Vice President or Secretary.

Cathy McGrath, Treasurer, reported that the beginning balance was $1293.29.  Ten dollars in dues were received and a $20 payment for T-shirt imprints.  The current balance in the treasury is $1323.29.   There are 96 paid members.   

Jeanne Keefe, Webmaster, reported that everything is up to date on the website.  A new photo has been submitted and will be put up on the site.

Lizette Strait, List Administrator, reported that there are 197 list members.

Bill McGrath, Project Chairperson, reported that scanning of Volumes III and IV of the marriage index is scheduled to begin.  Jeanne Keefe will set up a scanner and laptop in the County Clerk’s Office.  Kris Ayotte and Kay Brearton volunteered to help Jeanne on Thursday evening, September 27.  Bill is waiting to hear more about the proposed project involving records from the former 9th Presbyterian Church in Troy.


Kris Ayotte discussed the upcoming trip to Ireland.   The response has been very good; there are currently 30 confirmed reservations (deposits paid).   The trip has been expanded to 44 seats and there are fourteen seats available.   Anyone who is interested is asked to contact Kris.

The newsletter subcommittee will hold a meeting on Sunday.  Donna would like someone else to take responsibility for compiling the next issue.  Kris Ayotte has not received any feedback on the grant application.   The list of names of past Exulted Rules of the Troy Elks has been compiled by Kris White; there are only two names missing.   The information will be going up on the website.  

Early on Saturday, the weather was not good at the Irishfest.   Later in the day the weather improved; however, at one point the canopy provided by Jeanne Keefe was blown down and damaged beyond repair.    TIGS volunteers were able to speak to many people who stopped at the informational table and distributed TIGS brochures.  A motion was made by Frank Ryan and seconded by Kris Ayotte to reimburse Jeanne in the amount of $79.95 to purchase a new canopy.    The motion passed.  The canopy will be available for use at future outdoor events.

The Red Cross will be sponsoring an event on March 15, 2008 in Glens Falls and TIGS was invited to participate to dispense information about the Society.   The matter will be discussed when more information is available.


The repertoires of St. Mary’s baptism (3 volumes) and death records (1 volume) have been published in hard cover by the American Canadian Genealogy Society.   A motion was made by Frank Ryan and seconded by Kris Ayotte for the expenditure of $200 for the cost of the books plus mailing. When they are received, they will be donated to the Genealogy Room of the Troy Public Library as a gift from the Troy Irish Genealogy Society.   The motion passed.

A friend of Kris Ayotte has come into possession of old records from the former Stanton Brewery in Troy.   They plan to donate the records to the Rensselaer County Historical Society.   Kris will have an opportunity to look through them before they are donated to determine if there are any worthwhile records for TIGS to transcribe and make available on the website.


A motion was made by Frank Ryan and seconded by Bill McGrath to adjourn the meeting.   The motion was approved and the meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.   The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 18, 2007 at 6:30 PM.  Members are asked to check the website for details on the location of the October meeting.

There were several items placed on the genealogy table for those who were interested.  Mike McAlonie brought a book about County Roscommon and Kris Ayotte brought a CD that contained poetry that had been written by her father-in-law years ago and put to music by her son.

Respectfully submitted,


Kathleen Brearton, Secretary

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