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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
September 2004

These notes were taken and transcribed by TIGS Member Kristin Ayotte
and originally distributed through the TIGS mailing list


Troy Irish Genealogy Society Meeting Notes
September 16, 2004

The Troy Irish Genealogy Society did meet on Thursday, September 16, 2004. The meeting scheduled for Mahrs Place was moved to the Irish Mist in South Troy.

Attending the meeting were Rick Shea, Eileen Shea, Donna Vaughn, Marialice Mangan, Kay Brearton, Teresa Lewandusky, Bill Nealon, Bill McGrath, Cathy McGrath, Ruth O'Connor, Jeanne Keefe, Carol Waldron, Ed Connolly and Kristin Ayotte.

The meeting was called to order by Co-Chairs; Jeanne Keefe and Ed Connolly. Jeanne had prepared and printed for each attendee an agenda for the meeting.

The minutes from the last meeting had been previously approved by the August attendees and were posted to the website. Minutes of all meetings are now posted and can be viewed on the TIGS website.



The notes posted to the website from September were the unedited copy. Kristin Ayotte will forward to Jeanne Keefe the edited version and they will be posted, the incorrect ones will be taken down.

Members Projects - Bill McGrath has forwarded to Jeanne photos for the website and they are up already.

Website Update - Volume 1 of the Burden records are available on the site and Volume 2 is moving along, as of the meeting the transcribers were up to page 60. Bill Nealon is now also assisting with the transcription that can only be done on site at the RCHS.

The site now has photos contributed by Bill, Volume 1 of the Burden Iron Works Records, Troy Alleyways paper by Jeanne Keefe and we are working on links to sites that will complement ours. Members can contact sites that are relevant to the Troy and TIGS interest to see if they would like to link with ours and if they will put a link to our site on theirs. Contact should be made with Jeanne and she will arrange for the link.

Tours - The tour of RCHS will be arranged for some time in October, if the interest is there. The Watervliet Arsenal tour is tentatively scheduled for October 3 at 1:00. Bill McGrath will send more information via the list and Jeanne will post to the site. Members will need a photo ID to get in the gates. (Watervliet Arsenal Tour postponed).

Family Tree Class - Jeanne will arrange for the class to be held at the Architecture Library on RPI campus on a Saturday or Sunday. Bill McGrath and Jeanne will confer on the details, including date, and the group will be notified at the next meeting. Ed Connolly volunteered to Bill that there is a free trial version of charting software on if he is interested in using it for his class.

Mission Statement & Chapter Charter discussion - Lizette and Rick received only 2 responses to their request for suggestions, recommendations, choices,etc. relevant to the proposed Mission Statements and Charters that had been posted for all members of the group to review. Kristin suggested #2 with minor changes, this was the original charter suggested by Pat Connors. The changes included the time frame for election assuming the summer might not be a good time as people are busy with vacations and may not put the time into reviewing choices. Kristin also voiced her opinion that the original Mission Statement, posted in earlier notes, still seems to be the best fit for TIGS. Kristin also suggested a third class of members, that being Charter Members. The group will discuss further at the next meeting with a goal to have a vote by the entire list in November. This will be the only New Business on the agenda next month. Jeanne will post again to the list between now and the October meeting.

Group Resources - Donna Vaughn informed the group that only 3 members had responded to her request for a list of resources in their possession. The goal is to have a Member Resources button on the site. This area will contain the names of members willing to do look ups and/or assist others by using materials they own or have available to them. Members Tom Manning, Carol Waldron and Ginger Atchinson responded to Donnas post. There are several options that need to be further discussed; link by email to the individual member or link to the site and Jeanne will forward. In the latter the site would be used like a "clearing house" rather than direct email to the member. Donna is asking all members willing to be a part of this project to e-mail her directly with available resources.

Genealogy Table - Carol Waldron brought with her a 1980 publication, "1802-1980 Graduates of US Military Academy". Kristin Ayotte brought a 1949 Troy City Directory recently purchased in a New Lebanon shop. Jeanne Keefe brought; "St. Patricks Troy 1871 - 1971" publication, "Washington Park Troy - Evaluation and History" written 4/29/80, "Great Fire of Troy 5/10/1862" published in 1962, "History of Cornerstores in Troy" written on 5/22/1994, "Lansingburgh 1771-1971" and "Songs and Poems by Working People in Troy". Once again so many items and not enough time to look at all of them.

Membership - Donna Vaughn reports that membership is hovering at 50 with two new members as of the date of this meeting.

Lizette Strait is attempting to get an ad for the group on the TW Cable Network. We are still actively seeking new members and this would be a great source to advertise the group. Donna also asks that if you know you will not be available for a time period, eg. vacation, that you unsubscribe and then subscribe when you are able to receive e-mail. This should prevent some of the bumping back of e-mail that the list is getting.

Our member-speaker at this meeting was Jeanne Keefe. Jeanne's topic was "Washington Park". Jeanne wrote a paper in 1980 wherein she evaluated and summarized the history of this private park in Troy. The park is one of only two in the US. The paper was prepared by working in 5 year blocks of time and researching deeds, people and city directories. Interesting is that there are two haunted houses in the park and that the fence surrounding it is the original fence installed when the park was designed. Jeanne gave many more details from her paper, too numerous for this writer to summarize. Good news is that the paper is available to interested readers, there is a copy at the Troy Public Library under the name "Watkinson".



 Bill McGrath has arranged for another transcription project with RCHS. There are 60 pages of clippings from the Troy papers from the late1800's announcing deaths, births and marriages. Bill reports that he believes most are death and funeral notices. The pages will be copied and distributed to members that volunteer to work on the project. The project can be done at home. Bill will prepare a spread sheet that will be e-mailed to those volunteers and then will mail pages to members to work on.

Kay Brearton told the group that Jim Cosaro, the Librarian at theRCHS, recently mentioned that TIGS might be interested in working with them to link up their database of Renss. County Surrogate records to the TIGS site.

TIGS is still actively looking into locations for meetings. The Brew Pub has been ruled out due to noise and Daisey Bakers may be too pricey for all involved. Ed Connolly suggested the Capital District Irish Cultural Society which is located on Monument Square next to City Hall. Many in the group had never heard of this group. Ed will make contact and inquire as to whether or not a meeting room is available. He will report back at the next meeting.

 Speaker for next month will be Donna Vaughn. Donna will speak to her research on Green Island.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 21 at 6:15 at the Irish Mist unless posted otherwise to the list.

Next months co-chairs will be Mike McAlonie and Rick Shea.

The meeting was adjourned and members enjoyed their meal and good conversation while browsing the items on the Genealogy table.

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