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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
October 2005

Troy, New York

The regular monthly meeting of the Troy Irish Genealogy Society was held on Thursday, October 20, 2005 at the Conference Room in Troy City Hall. The following individuals were in attendance:

Kris Ayotte
Margaret “Mimi” Nicotina
David Bonitatibus, guest Kevin Pemrick
Kay Brearton
Francis X. Ryan
Mike McAlonie
Carol Schrom
Wendy McAlonie
Eileen Shea
Bill McGrath
Rick Shea
Cathy McGrath
Lizette Strait
Doris Reilly Moak
Donna K. Vaughn
John W. Mullen, guest Janice Sullivan

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m. by Donna Vaughn, President.

A motion was made by Rick Shea and seconded by Francis X. Ryan to approve the minutes of the September 15, 2005 meeting. The motion passed. The minutes have been published on the TIGS website.


There was no report from the President

The Vice President, Kris Ayotte, had no report. Kris noted that there was a lot of activity on the list after her posting regarding St. Peter’s parish, and as a result, several people joined the list. She encouraged members to mention the TIGS website when they visit other sites. She also suggested that members ask other list owners to create links to the TIGS website.

Donna requested that the attendees introduce themselves to the new members. She was very pleased at the turnout for the meeting

There was no report from the Secretary.

Rick Shea, Treasurer, reported that there is currently $155 in the TIGS treasury with a total of 31 paid members. Three members paid dues at this evening’s meeting bringing the total to 34 paid members.

Jeanne Keefe, Webmaster, is out of town attending a business conference. Donna Vaughn invited members to submit photos to Jeanne for the “Can you Identify” project on the website.

Lizette Strait, List Administrator, reported that there are currently 129 list members; 10 are subscribed in digest form. She noted that there is a problem with auto reply for subscribers who use their work site mail. If a list member plans to be away they should unsubscribe from the list and resubscribe when they return. The members again discussed the issue of archiving. Lizette will look into it again. She has contacted Rootsweb and they have not responded to her.


Bill McGrath reported on the marriage index project. Bill and his volunteers are currently working on Volume 1 which contains 5,000 marriages which translates to 10,000 names (bride and groom). So far, the letters A, B and C have been scanned and sent out to volunteers who are transferring the information to EXCEL spreadsheets. There are ten volumes and the marriage dates cover 1908 to 1935 containing approximately 60,000 records. The County Clerk, Frank Merola, has offered to open the office on Saturdays so that more people can work on the project. Several members indicated that they would be available to assist Bill if the work was done on a Saturday. Bill has met with Mr. Merola twice and the County Clerk has agreed that these are public records and within the appropriate timeframe. He has given his permission for the project. Mr. Merola realizes that the information will be on the TIGS website and a CD with the information will be provided to his office.

Bill also reported on the 1902 Troy City directory project which was an experiment. The 1902 directory contained approximately 786 death entries which included Troy, Watervliet, Cohoes, Green Island and Waterford. It is complete and has been forwarded to Jeanne Keefe who will set it up on the TIGS website. When it has been added to the website, Bill will send out notification to several lists.

Lizette Strait shared a final draft of the TIGS brochure she has developed. It was distributed to the members for a final review at the meeting. One minor error was found and will be corrected prior to printing. The brochures should be available at the next meeting. The members discussed where the brochures would be distributed; i.e., local libraries, historical societies, etc. Lizette was thanked for producing the brochure.

Kay Brearton noted that several TIGS members are assisting the America Canadian Genealogy Society with proofreading records from St. Mary’s Church in Troy. Donna thanked the members who are helping out with the ACGS project.

Mimi Nicotina has arranged for Ruth Sweet, a member of the staff of the Troy Public Library, to speak at the November meeting on the topic of genealogy sources available in the Library. The meeting will be moved up to 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 17 at the Troy Public Library. The members discussed the parking situation near the Library. Parking in the courthouse parking lot is permitted in the evening. Flyers advertising the event will be developed by Lizette for distribution at local libraries and other locations. Members agreed to distribute flyers to locations they feel are appropriate.


Joan Howe, a TIGS member, has offered to do lookups in “The History of Watervliet” which covers the period from 1630 to 1910. Joan’s offer will be posted to the resources list of the website. Kevin Pemrick also volunteered to do lookups from this resource. Donna suggested that the group look into lookup links. Jeanne Keefe is checking into the possibility of a Saturday tour of the NYS Library.

Lizette shared a speaker’s worksheet that she has developed. It would include all the relevant details associated with setting up a meeting that involves a speaker. She suggested that a larger meeting space be used when a speaker is engaged and that refreshments be provided.

Bill McGrath asked if anyone was interested in a tour of the Watervliet Arsenal Museum. It would be on a Sunday. Several members indicated they would be interested; Bill will contact the Arsenal to schedule a tour.

Bill has been regularly posting information on the TIGS and Rensselaer County mailing lists from a publication called “Troy’s One Hundred Years” printed in 1891. Some of these more interesting postings have now been added to the TIGS website. As time permits, other interesting ones dealing with Troy’s history will be added. He also noted that there is a section in the book listing 1,363 names of Troy Aldermen and Assistants for the period 1816-1891 which should be of interest to any descendents of the individuals named. Kris Ayotte volunteered to transfer the information to an EXCEL spreadsheet and this data base will be published on the TIGS website.

David Bonitatibus, a member of the American Canadian Genealogy Society, thanks the members for assisting his organization. He explained the work that has been done to date and work that is in progress.


Mimi Nicotina shared photos she has copied with their permission from portions of the collection at LaSalle Institute. The members discussed Hillside School, which was operated by the Brothers who also ran LaSalle Institute.

Mike McAlonie and his bride, Wendy, shared photos taken during their trip to Ireland. They recounted some of their wonderful experiences with the local people who were very friendly and showed Mike where his ancestors lived in Ireland.

Kris Ayotte offered to do lookups in a book regarding the Irish orphans in Grosse Ile, Canada.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, November 17 at 6:00 p.m. in the second floor meeting room in the Troy Public Library.


A motion was made by Kris Ayotte and seconded by Rick Shea to adjourn the meeting. The motion was approved and the meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Brearton, Secretary

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