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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
October 2004

These notes were taken and transcribed by TIGS Member Kristin Ayotte
and originally distributed through the TIGS mailing list


Troy Irish Genealogy Society Meeting Notes
October 21, 2004

The Troy Irish Genealogy Society met on Thursday, 10/21/04, at the Capital District Celtic Cultural Center at 251River Street in downtown Troy. Attending the meeting were Kay Brearton, Lynn Grice, Marialice Mangan, Eileen and Rick Shea, Jeanne Keefe, Bill McGrath, Kristin Ayotte, Rebecca Rector, Mike McAlonie, Donna Vaughn and first time attendees Ed Dyer and Carol Schrom.

The meeting was called to order by co-chairs Rick Shea and Mike McAlonie. The minutes from the last meeting were approved previously and posted to the TIGS website.



Members projects - Jeanne Keefe and Lynn Grice noted that this was a carryover from old agendas and will be eliminated from future agendas.

Photos to be posted to website - Rich Shea brought photos from the flood of 1936. They were given to Jeanne to post to the website.

Burden Records - Lynn told the group that the payroll records are done. The project entailed 158 pages and the second volume is ready to be posted to the TIGS website. A thank you was extended to the project participants; Bill McGrath, Lynn Grice, Kay Brearton, Bill Nealon and Marialice Mangan. There is more information contained in the original volumes that was not extracted, including money earned and hours worked. Remarks per Bill could include "child dead, paling beer, drunk, etc.". Members are encouraged to go to the RCHS and view the original documents to see the entire record. The conversation then turned to the American Canadian Genealogy Society and Rebecca noted that St. Peter's in Troy has not been transcribed by this group. There was some discussion about this group and the transcription projects they have completed.

Bill McGrath noted 27 volunteers working on the death and marriage records from the RCHS, of which 16 are in the Capital District and the others located around the country. There are according to Bill approximately 6000 death and 1000 marriage records being transcribed. To date 50 pages of marriages are done and 22 pages of deaths completed. Bill notes that volunteers for proof reading are needed. Kris Ayotte suggested that the group donate $1.00 each to Bill to assist with postage, the group passed on the suggestion.

Website Update - Jeanne Keefe reports there is a link to the Capital Celtic Network on the site now.

Tours - Bill Mc Grath notes there appears to be little interest in the Watervliet Arsenal Tour so it will be postponed. Lynn Grice notes it is difficult to schedule the tour of the RCHS so suggested that individuals can request an individual tour or join the RCHS to benefit from their resources.

Family Tree Class - Currently Bill McGrath is extremely busy and asks that any plans be postponed until Spring.

Group Resources - Donna Vaughn noted that only 3 members had contacted her. Jeanne Keefe suggested an "Ask Me Person" be posted to the website. That person could route questions to members. It was also suggested the perhaps a paper list of member resources be distributed to members only. Attendees voiced a concern that if a list of resources were posted we could be overburdened with e-mail inquiries.

List Administrator Report - Donna Vaughn notes that we currently have 60 members on the list of which 4 are digest only.

Genealogy Table - Moved to end of meeting for Donna Vaughns presentation on Green Island. Unfortunately due to time constraints later postponed till next month. Kristin Ayotte had brought copies of the handouts from a seminar attended by seveal members the previous evening at the CDCCC. The handouts were from the Ulster Historical Foundation and concerned research resources here in the US and in Ireland.



 Links to Other Websites - Kristin Ayotte informed the group that she and probably other members may not be aware that the TIGS Burden Payroll project was posted to other websites. She stated that she felt that if they were posted to other sites that those sites should be asked to place a link to the TIGS site to increase awareness of our site and traffic to it. Kristin mentioned that on the site she went to TIGS is not listed as a favorite link, a society or in any other form except as a click on to view the records. The group at the September meeting had discussed contacting other sites of relevant nature and arranging for mutual links to be established, our to theirs and theirs to ours. Kristin was told that if this is an issue that concerns her she should contact the other sites with the records and discuss a link.

Meeting Room Discussion - The group was joined by Mr. Kevin Roe of the CDCCC who spoke to the group about the availability of the room for meetings and parking. The group will meet at the CDCCC on Wednesdays in the future as Thursdays are not available.

It was mentioned that this room would be ideal for a Christmas party at which time Jeanne informed the group that she had discussed with Lizzette Strait that she would like to host a Christmas party at her home.

Mission Statement and Charter Selection discussion - Kristin Ayotte distributed copies she had made of Charter #2 with minor suggested changes. This is the Charter that the group has previously agreed seems to fit TIGS best out of the ones that were presented. The discussion was ended with the arrival of Mr. David Bonitatibus from the American Canadian Genealogy Society.

Mr. Bonitatibus brought with him copies of books produced by his group containing transcribed records from several local churches. They have to date transcribed over 100 Catholic Churchs in NY with 50 being in the Albany area. In Troy they have completed St. Marys, St. Jeans, St. Patricks and they have just received permission to work on St. Josephs and St. Lawrences. They have completed St. Josephs in Cohoes and St. Annes in Waterford.

Mr. Bonitatibus is looking for volunteers to work on transcription projects, information can be found by contacting

The meeting ended abruptly due to time concerns.

The next meeting will be held at the CDCCC on Wednesday the 17th of November.

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