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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
October, 2003

These notes were taken and transcribed by TIGS Member Kristin Ayotte
and originally distributed through the TIGS mailing list


Troy Irish Genealogy Society Meeting Notes
October 16, 2003

The recently formed Troy Irish Genealogy Society did meet on Thursday, October 16th 2003, at the Irish Mist in South Troy.

Those attending were;
Bill (the Philosopher) McGrath. Bill puts the rest of us to shame with what he has accomplished going back generations with his family and continually adding to it (eg. Rory the newest). He also is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Troy. Frank (the Lurker) Ryan, Frank tells us that he lurks in the background of lists just listening and observing. He claims not to be a participant, but he certainly shared his recollections of Troy at the meeting. Kay (the Historian) Brearton. Kay is amazing in that just mention a name to her and she can connect it to someone she knew from South Troy growing up. She keeps amassing knowledge, recently took class connected to genealogy. Marialice (The Out-Of-Towner) Mangan. Now here is a lady that means business, she has never even lived in Troy yet she is here digging. She has many roots here in our fine city, many family that lived here and can't wait to find more. And finally myself, Kristin (the Organizer) Cooney-Ayotte. The only thing I can say is that the others kept me enthralled and I wrote some of it down.

The meeting was very informal with lively conversation on where the group is headed. We still really don't know. We do know that we would like a group that can share information, enjoy one anothers company and assist others in their search for their people.

We hope to locate records of churchs, cemetaries, addresses and whatever it takes to find the people that came before us. Bill spoke of some records that are located in the Troy Court House and The Annex Bldg of the Courthouse (basement). He will let us know which of these are available to the public and how to access them. They include census records and marriage records. Frank tells us that there are records at the Supreme Court Library and he will check on the location since there has been construction work done there. Kay spoke of records in the basement of the County Clerks office that are totally disorganized and the location is not a fun place to sit and do research. Frank also tells us that he had a family member who owned a funeral parlor and he has some records he can bring to the next meeting. We look forward to them. (Frank if you are lurking out there, this is a reminder).

Perhaps this is a project for the group; get to the right people and see what we, as a group, can do to organize them and make them available to the public in locations that are amenable to research and on our website.

Speaking of websites, Pat has shared a logo suggestion from Ginger and I sent her one. When she has time she will post the second one for review and we can decide between the two. If there is someone else on the list who would like to submit an Uncle Sam with an Irish Flag please let us know soon.

Bill once again spoke of a trip to the Earl Gardner Chapel at Oakwood. He has reposted his request for people interested in the tour. If you are interested please respond so that he can obtain a date for us.

We did arrive at a Mission Statement and are open to tweaking from Charter Members of the group. Although we would love to open it up to the entire list (40++), that would be an endless project, so we will limit it to the nine Charter Members, you know who you are.

The Mission of the Troy Irish Genealogy Society is to discover, share and honor our Troy Irish Heritage through informal monthly gatherings, our website and participation of our members.

Unless otherwise noted, we will meet the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Irish Mist at 6:15. Special meetings at different locations will be announced in advance on our mailing list.

I can relate to Rick Shea who says the meeting is too early. We do have dinner while meeting so that is why it is early. If people would prefer to have dinner and meet at 7:00 I am open to that. Feed your thougts to the list.

Well I hope I have shared accurately what took place at the meeting. I will add that we enjoyed a few cocktails before sitting down to dinner. The atmosphere was light and friendly, the conversation flowed and was truly enjoyable. I see this group as one that will continue and produce some results (what we are not sure yet).

Kristin Cooney-Ayott


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