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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
November 2008


Troy, New York

The regular monthly meeting of the Troy Irish Genealogy Society was held on Thursday, November 20, 2008 at the Red Front Restaurant, Troy, New York. The following individuals were in attendance:

Kris Ayotte
Doris Reilly Moak
Richard Boland
Molly Nicol, guest
Kay Brearton
Mimi Nicotina
Grace Keegan Bulger
Vince Nicotina
Noreen Iacobucci
Francis X. Ryan
Jeanne Keefe
Lizette Strait
Bill McGrath
Jan Sullivan
Cathy McGrath
Donna Vaughn
Bill McMahon
Kris White

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by Kris Ayotte, President.

A motion was made by Donna Vaughn and seconded by Dick Boland to approve the minutes of the October 16, 2008 meeting. The motion passed. The minutes have been published on the TIGS website.


 Cathy McGrath presented the Treasurer’s report. The beginning balance was $1172.38; a donation of $100 was sent to Mohawk-Hudson Gateway; $20 was received in dues. The current balance is $1092.38 with $29.50 in the petty cash account. Cathy explained the problem with checks. The bank will charge $8.00 for a check and it would be better to purchase a book of checks for $9.50. A motion was made by Bill McMahon and seconded by Dick Boland to approve the purchase of the checks. The motion was approved.

The List Administrator, Brad Miter, reported that there are 198 list members. Cathy McGrath has sent Brad a listing of the paid members.


Jan Sullivan reported on the status of the spring plant sale. She has approximately 60 plants that are resting for the winter. A location for the plant sale is still undecided.

The Salt Lake City trip item was tabled pending additional information that Kris Ayotte is gathering. The original date conflicts with the plant sale so the trip may be moved up to April.

Bill McGrath reported on the status of the Rensselaer County marriage index project. Volunteers are still needed to complete the information for Volume 8. The grooms to MY in Volume 9 have been scanned.

The votes on the proposed Charter changes permitting the positions of Webmaster and List Administrator to live out of the local area were 27 ayes and 0 nays; therefore, the changes were approved.

The Victorian Stroll in downtown Troy is scheduled for December 7. Five of the TIGS members will don period clothing for the occasion. Volunteers are needed to man the table which will be set up in Troy City Hall. Kris suggested that a raffle be held in conjunction with the stroll. A motion was made by Lizette Strait and seconded Frank Ryan to approve the raffle. The motion passed.

Kris reported that Donna had turned over 5 tote bags and 2 T-shirts to her when she became President. One of each will be used as part of the raffle at the Victorian Stroll. Donna agreed to provide the tickets for the raffle.

The recent speech by Jack McEneny was discussed and the members agreed that it was excellent. Kris reported that $61.00 was realized in the raffle which was won by Kathy Casey Mazzarillo. The cost of the book purchased as part of the raffle will be deducted from the proceeds.


 Donna Vaughn will be offering a beginner’s workshop in genealogy through the Knowledge Network. She passed out information about the workshop which will be offered on January 21 and March 31. Jeanne Keefe will post the information on the TIGS website.

A motion was made by Mimi Nicotina and seconded by Dick Boland to approve an honorary membership for 2009 to Jack McEneny. The motion passed.

A motion was made by Mimi Nicotina and seconded by Frank Ryan to approve a donation of $25 to the ICC for allowing TIGS to use their facility. The motion passed.

Kris introduced Molly Nicol, Director of Development at St. Agnes Cemetery in Menands. She explained the efforts being made to preserve valuable records held by the Cemetery and the need for volunteers to scan books and to put information on spreadsheets. The members agreed that it would be a very worthwhile project for TIGS to assist with after the current projects are completed. A representative group from TIGS will meet with Ms. Nicol at the cemetery to determine how TIGS may assist them.

Jeanne Keefe offered to host a potluck Christmas celebration at her home on December 18. Details will be available on the website.

Grace Keegan Bulger brought a book containing old photos of Troy for the genealogy table.


A motion was made by Frank Ryan and seconded by Dick Boland to adjourn the meeting. The motion was approved and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathleen Brearton, Secretary

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