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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
November 2004

These notes were taken and transcribed by TIGS Member Kristin Ayotte
and originally distributed through the TIGS mailing list


The Troy Irish Genealogy Society did meet on Wednesday, November 17 th, at the Capital District Celtic Cultural Center located at 251 River Street in Troy, NY. Attending the meeting were Rich and Eileen Shea, Kay Brearton, Carol Schrom, Jeanne Keefe and Kristin Ayotte.

The meeting was brought to order by Co-Chair, Rich Shea. Rich had prepared and printed an agenda for those attending.

The minutes from the last meeting had previously been approved by the October attendees and were posted to the website. However the uncorrected minutes were posted, Jeanne was asked to repost once the corrected ones have been resent by Kristin.



Members projects - Although Bill McGrath could not attend he did send an update with Kay Brearton on the Burden Records. All of the marriages on the 73 pages are data entered, proof read and in the hands of Jeanne who is compiling them. May be around 1,000 records (2000 names) and hopefully will be on-line Thanksgiving week. Fifty pages of the death records have been transcribed and returned to Bill, there are still 23 pages being worked on and it is expected that they will be returned shortly. There may be in excess of 6,000 death records. Proofreading is completed on 19 of the 50 transcribed pages and the rest are in the hands of proof readers. Kay, Bill, Marialice and Carol are the current proof readers. Bill is looking for more volunteers to work on the proof reading, please e-mail Bill if you are interested.

Photos of the 1936 Troy flood will be posted to the website with Rich Shea listed as the contributor.

Kay has been told by Jim Corsaro, Librarian at the RCHS, that a book listing members of the Troy Police Department back to the beginning of the department is available for transcription and posting to the TIGS website. Kay will have more details shortly. Members discussed that this may be the book that Marialice had spoken of at earlier meetings.

Website Update - Jeanne reported that other than looking forwarded to posting of transcription projects there is nothing new to report on.

Tours - Nothing currently planned or to be reported on.

Group Resources - Postponed until Donna Vaughn is present.

Report from List Administrator - Postponed until Donna Vaughn is present.

Links to other websites - Jeanne reports there have been no new links added. Your suggestions are welcome, e-mail to Jeanne Keefe.

Meeting Place Discussion - The few members that did attend raised some concern that there were mixed feelings about where the meetings should be held. Jeanne reported that Bill McGrath suggested meeting at a restaurant every 3 months or so. The discussion was brief due to lack of attendance.

It was decided that the next meeting, Wednesday 12/15, will be held at the home of member, Jeanne Keefe. Her home is at 20 Packer Avenue in Troy. Jeanne will post further details and directions for those members that want to attend. We will have a very brief meeting, but mostly enjoy some holiday camaraderie with fellow TIGS members. The event will be pot luck, Jeanne will provide meat, soda and paper products. Please bring something to share.



The previously submitted Charter and Mission Statements was reviewed by the attendees. Changes were discussed and agreed upon. A draft of both will be typed up by Kay and forwarded to the attendees to review. The draft will then be posted by Jeanne, the members will be notified on list where it is available to be viewed. A posting will be made to the list that Full Membership, per the Charter, is available to TIGS members at a cost of $5.00 per year. The payment of dues will enable members to vote for officers and any other items put to vote by the group, per the Charter. Associate Members, those that chose not to pay dues, will still be able to participate in TIGS meetings, activities, projects, list and website. Membership will run from January 1 st to December 31 st of each year. Payment of dues will be from January 1 st to March 1 st. Nomination of officers will be held in April and elections in May. Voting will end on May 15 th. Membership will run from Jan 1 to Dec 31 of each year.

The Genealogy Table, held over from last meeting, was postponed due to the absence of the presenter, Donna Vaughn.

The meeting was adjourned and several members retired to the South End Tavern for a bite to eat.


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