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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
November, 2003

These notes were taken and transcribed by TIGS Member Kristin Ayotte
and originally distributed thrrough the TIGS mailing list


Troy Irish Genealogy Society Meeting Notes
November 20, 2003
On Thursday, 11/20/03, members of the TIGS met at the Irish Mist in South Troy.  Those attending were Kris Ayotte, Kaye Brearton, Linda Carey-Gryce, Marialice Mangan, Bill McGrath, Frank Ryan and Donna Vaughn. Let me add my congratulations to Donna.....
           Old Business
Once again we had a great conversation at the bar and then moved to the DR for eats.Frank Ryan shared some great old time pictures of the Troy PD from 1916, cops on motorcycles no less that far back, prominent in the picture was one of his Norton brother in laws.  He had a wonderful kindergarten group picture, not sure of the year but probably 1920's and 4 or 5 1960's bowling league pictures from the old Elks in Troy as well as one of several patrons at the
Elks bar.

Bill McGrath brought copies of Irish poems and stories that he has printed out on different stationary, all were suitable for framing.  If we ever need a fund raiser for the group for any purpose I highly recommend what Bill can produce on his computer. He has also enlarged the post cards of coat of arms available in Ireland and some shops over here (Pat got these for him in Ireland) and again they came out marvelous and could be framed.

Tis herself (me) brought a recently discovered 1949 will from my Malone side that has given me a new outlet of leads directly to Ireland.  BUT Lynn produced an 1875 will of a Carey family member that she is investigating.  Both documents were great and what all of us look for.

We discussed books and movies including "Falling for a Dancer" that Kaye highly recommends,available at, and The Magdalene Laundries. The latter produced a lively conversation from most of us who attended Catholic grammar or high schools and were taught by Nuns.  Judging from the conversation I think the list could add "Nuns" to their lively topics.

Marialice lightened the conversation when she told us she had recently made a phone call with a question about finding a death in a newspaper and was told she should check the day before and the day after the death for the announcement!!  We did not know they would announce the death the day before it occured.

Bill McGrath suggested "random acts of kindess" as a site to get help from if you hit a brick wall.  He has had some good luck in the past and in turn helped out someone else.

Although not necessarily Irish related I brought the site;  This site is in place to memorialize our family members who participated in WWII and is accepting submissions from family members.  I submitted my Dad who was a Marine so I can now go to the site, select the state, then the city, enter his surname "Cooney" and there is a tribute to him there.  There are
simple instructions at the site for submission of a name, you are then given a PW and can enter and edit information.  Great way to honor your heros.

Mentioned also was that the Troy Libary has available in the Troy Room the records of St. Patricks Church and St. Jean de Baptiste Church, these include baptismals and marriages.  St. Patricks is right up to 2000.  Catholic High has the yearbooks that have been mentioned on the list as well as some scrapbooks that were put together by students over the years.  The NYS archives also has available on index cards WWI and Civil War records.  You cannot touch them
but they will show them to you, so this entails a visit to the archives. Not quite list material but interesting anyway is that we found that myself.

Bill and Frank all lived in Germany at one point in our lives.  Too bad we weren't looking for German Roots at that time, if we had them. That's about it, we will meet next month at the Grove up across from HVCC. If anyone present at the meeting has something to add please feel free.
OH!  Marialice did share a site that gives access to old articles in the NY Times in a very roundabout way.  I will leave that one to her as I did jot it down, but my notes are confusing.......

Kristin Cooney-Ayotte



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