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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
May, 2004

These notes were taken and transcribed by TIGS Member Kristin Ayotte
and originally distributed thrrough the TIGS mailing list


Troy Irish Genealogy Society Meeting Notes
May 20, 2004

Members of TIGS did meet on 5/20/04 at Mahrs Tavern in South Troy and what a great meeting it was. Attending were Lizette Strait, Cathy and Bill McGrath, Frank Ryan, Jeanne Keefe, Mike McAlonie and Wendy ?, Marialice Mangan, Lynn Grice, Connie LaPosta, Larry Malone, Kay Brearton, Ed Connolly, Eileen Harvey, Carolyn Helin, Kristin Ayotte, Mary Ann McConnell and Donna Vaughn.

Old Business

Being the largest group to meet to date there were lots of new faces so we did start out with everyone introducing themselves and telling the group the surnames they are researching. The notes from the last meeting were read briefly. There was some conversation about restructuring the evenings events (meal, meeting, informal conversation) so that the meeting is comfortable and convenient for all attending. No definite plans were made but it will need to be addressed.

New Business

1. Kristin Ayotte suggested that if the group were going to continue to grow there was a need for some further organization with the suggestion of a Chair and Co-Chairperson to provide an agenda, facilitate the meeting and ascertain that minutes are taken. This suggestion was met with enthusiasm amongst the members attending. Hopefully it will produce more structure, keep the group on topic for the business part of the meeting so that we can cover it more quickly. At the suggestion of Ed Connolly we have agreed on a revolving Chair with each team of 2 chairing two consecutive meetings. Donna Vaughn and Lizette Strait will Co-Chair the meetings in June and July. Jeanne Keefe and Ed Connolly will Co-Chair the August and September meetings.

2. Further discussion was held on Rules of the Chair, Roberts Rules of Order, parliamentary procedure, etc. and I am confident that as the group grows and organizes we will need to implement even more structure.

3. With that in mind Lynn Grice and Marialice Mangan brought up the subject of the minutes of the meeting and it was unanimously decided that the minutes of the meeting should be sent to the attendees prior to being posted to the general list. The attendees should have priority to review, edit, correct and/or add to the minutes prior to the posting. Speaking for myself only, this is my error and I am happy to correct and proceed properly. I will send to the attendees, they will have 7 days to review, etc. and then the edited notes will be posted. Eventually the minutes will be sent to Jeanne Keefe who will in turn post to the website.

4. Lizette Strait suggested arranging for speakers at the meetings. The group agreed that we would each contribute to the cost of a meal for the speaker. Several names were suggested to invite to speak for different purposes all related to our goal as a Genealogy Society. Ed Connolly suggested that we have a well developed agenda prior to inviting speakers. Several members agreed with Ed and felt that a speaker would need confidence in the group they are speaking to and at this point the group still needs more structure and credibility. Their comments were accepted and agreed with by the majority of the attendees. Lizettes' suggestion was tabled for a few months to see where we are as a group at that time.

5. The transcription of the "Burials in Mt. Ida Cemetery" was read as part of last months meeting and revisited under New Business. Lynn Grice reported that at this time the project would be too cumbersome to be attempted due to various technological issues. The project is not viable at this time. Jeanne Keefe did suggest that we piecemeal it on the website. Anyone gathering information from the records for their own research should send their results to Jeanne for posting on the website. Marialice Mangan, on behalf of the group, has asked that we recognize the time, effort and energy that Lynn put into the investigation.  Lynn went the extra mile of doing a test of the procedure to be certain what results would be obtained so that her report to TIGS would be 1 00% accurate. We as a group would like to thank Lynn for this effort on her part and look forward to her leadership on future potential projects that will benefit those interested in Troy genealogy research.

6. Lynn Grice and Bill McGrath are already moving forward on investigating another project, previously mentioned on the list by Rich Shea, the transcription of the Burden Iron Works Employee Rosters and Employee records. Contact has been made and they will be meeting with Jim Corsaro, the Librarian at the Renss. County Historical Society. Lynn and Bill will meet with him to get a sense of his expectations from the project. There are over 100 boxes, not sorted. Bill believes there is a finding aide and he will attempt to get a copy of that. Lynn and Bill will update the group at the next meeting.

7. Jeanne Keefe will investigate the records from St. Peters Church in Troy, this being another hot topic on the list. She will write to the Librarian of the Diocese and ask for the Diocese Policy on Church Records. Lynn Grice is under the impression that the Pastor has the right to set policy. We hope to get clarification as we recognize these records as vital to our goal as a group to have them available for genealogical research.

8. The Chat Room Format was discussed and as a whole we feel that the formal meeting of TIGS should remain as is at this time. Chat Room in general is not being ruled out, down the road if anyone on the list wants to organize and set it up members from Troy are anxious to participate. We will continue to formally meet the 3rd Thursday of each month at a site determined at the prior meeting. The mailing list is out there open to discussion by the entire group, the minutes of each meeting will be posted and available for all to comment on, items for the agenda will be accepted from anyone offering such items and any member from out of the area will be welcomed if they are in the area and can attend. If any out of area members are going to be in Troy at a time when the meeting is not being held please post to the list and I am confident several members will be more than happy to meet with you anyway.

9. Ed Connolly took a survey of members to determine which counties in Ireland their surnames came from. He was under the impression that most Burden Iron Workers were from Tipperary. The results seemed to support this idea. While not scientific, the survey showed that the far more people with surnames connected to South Troy were from Tipperary than any other single county - and, in fact, all other counties put together. There were fourteen (14) Ireland counties listed from the responses. The place of origin in the USA was broken down to one of three: A.) South Troy, B.) other Troy, and C.) other area - outside of Troy. Respondents indicated 11 times that their South Troy surname connection was from County Tipperary. The next closest was County Cavan, with 2. The other Counties that attendees had connections to were (from all areas in Troy and outside troy): Limerick; Cork; Clare; Antrim; West Meath; Meath; Waterford; Offaly; Tyrone; Laoise; Donegal; Longford.. It is fair to say that most Burden Iron Workers would have lived in South Troy near the mill and the fact that so many meeting attendees from South Troy had origins in Tipperary, would suggest that the majority of Burden's Irish workers may have come from . Ed Connolly recommended the Book " Worker City, Company Town" (available through secondary sellers (very inexpensive)) to any members who wish to familiarize themselves with the Irish working at Burden Iron Works. This book was made into a PBS movie.

11. Ed then shared some information about Emly a small town in West Tipperary (near the border with Limerick) and the Emigrant Memorial there that contains many names of families that emigrated to Troy. Ed has done much research in Tipperary and Limerick and welcomes any inquiries. He has asked that anyone doing Tipperary research contact him and share findings.

The meeting then came to a close and the group split into smaller groups for even further conversation. Everyone was pleased with Mahrs, the room is pleasant, the meal was good and the service excellent. We agreed to meet there again next month, June 17th at 6:15. Please submit any agenda items in advance, any comments are appreciated and we look forward to input from all list members.

Kristin Cooney-Ayotte


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