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Troy, New York

General Meeting
Thursday 16, 2011
Meeting Minutes

Jeanne Keefe, Patrick Surace, Bill McMahon, Janice Sullivan, Noreen Dachicci, Tim Stone, Bill McGrath, Gerri Sherry, Donna Vaughn,
Liz Strait, Richard Boland, Grace Keegan Bulger, Gail Landrigan,
Kathy Buckley, Debbie Gilligan, Katie Gilligan, Kris White

Newly Elected Officers Are:
President: Gerri Sherry
Vice President: Timothy Stone
Secretary: (available)
Treasurer: Lizette Strait
WebMaster: Jeanne Keefe
List Administrator: Brad Miter
Project Coordinator: Bill McGrath
Member’s Chair: Donna Vaughn

Donna Vaughn presented Genealogy, Thinking Out of the Box
Four things to remember when looking for family history:
1. Mind your Elders – Get as much information from the oldest family members as you can.
2. Look for the Details – It’s the small details that gets you the most information
3. Go there – Nothing replaces actually visiting your family old stomping grounds
4. The Personal Touch – If you want help from others, it helps to have some personally involved.

We have 187 like members on Facebook.
We have 244 members on the web list

Old Business
St. Mary’s Book1 - 3,322 records inputted from 1900-1910. Will be update on the web site the end of this month.

Newspaper Project – years 1839 – 1848, 2814 death and 4486 marriage records entered. They are waiting to get on the web site.

Still looking for volunteers to do the TIGS Newsletter

Still looking into Scottish trip in April 2012

Need to renew membership to Rensselaer County Historical Society

New Business
We are looking for volunteers for Irish Night at Joe Bruno Stadium on Tuesday August 9th. If interested please contact Gerri.

Transcription project: Excerpts of “Troy one hundred years 1789 – 1889”. This is scanned and off to the transcribers.

Bill will research how much money is needed to reprint the Woodside church book for Troy library.

We will purchase a stone for one hundred dollars for Civil War Soldier in St. Agnes Cemetery. Before next meeting please visit St. Agnes Web site below and pick a solder. We will determine next meeting which one we will adopt.

Next TIGS meeting will be at Mosciatello’s Restaurant on July 21.

To report problems with this site please contact the TIGS webmaster

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