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Troy, New York

The regular monthly meeting of the Troy Irish Genealogy Society was held on Thursday, June 19, 2008 at the Red Front Restaurant in Troy, New York. The following individuals were in attendance:

Kris Ayotte

Cathy McGrath

Dick Boland

Bill McMahon

Kay Brearton

Mimi Nicotina

Debbie Gilligan

Vincent Nicotina

Mike Gilligan

Lizette Strait

Jeanne Keefe

Jan Sullivan

Bill McGrath

Donna Vaughn

Kris White

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by President Kris Ayotte. She thanked Donna Vaughn for her three years of service as President to the Society. Debbie and Mike Gilligan were welcomed to the meeting.

A motion was made by Mimi Nicotina and seconded by Dick Boland to approve the minutes of the May 15, 2008 meeting. The motion passed. The minutes have been published on the TIGS website.



 There were no reports from the President or Secretary. Members were asked if anyone would consider assuming the office of Vice President. Jan Sullivan agreed to assume the responsibility of scheduling the monthly meetings and making the necessary reservations.

Jeanne Keefe,Webmaster, asked if someone could send her pictures from the trip to Ireland to post to the website. Donna Vaughn agreed to send photos. Jeanne also asked if anyone would be interested in learning how to create a web page. Donna indicated that she would be interested and will make arrangements to work with Jeanne.

Brad Miter, List Administrator, submitted a report indicating there are 199 members on the mailing list.

Bill McGrath, Project Chairperson, provided an update on the progress in transcribing Volumes 6 & 7 of the Rensselaer County marriage index. Volume 8 is in a completely different format and will require hands-on help at the County Clerk’s Office. The volume only gives page numbers and it will be necessary to look up the record and note the certificate number and the date of marriage before the records can be sent to transcribers. Mimi Nicotina, Kay Brearton, Jan Sullivan and Dick Boland offered to help with this project.

Cathy McGrath, Treasurer, reported that $60 has been received in dues, petty cash was replenished in the amount of $21; the current balance is $1159.38 with 97 members paid.



Donna continues to take orders for tote bags, sweatshirts and T-shirts. Lizette is collecting articles for the upcoming Newsletter and has received some interesting material. She hopes to have the newsletter ready by the end of the month or early July. Members were asked to continue to try to come up with fundraising ideas.

Mimi Nicotina contacted the office of New York State Assemblyman Jack McEneny; he has agreed to speak on Thursday, October 16, 2008 at 7:00 PM. She has arranged for the Italian Community Center in Troy to host the event. Mimi will obtain the necessary agreements in writing. Lizette agreed to handle publicity.

Kris Ayotte is planning a three to four day trip to Salt Lake City in Spring of 2009. She will keep the members posted. TIGS will set up a table for Irish Night on August 12 at 7 PM at the ValleyCats baseball game at the Joe Bruno Stadium at HVCC. Several members agreed to work at the booth. After some discussion, it was decided to have 500 TIGS brochures printed to have available at the game and for future events.



A charter change will be necessary to permit the List Administrator to be from out of town. The members discussed the steps which must be taken to implement the change. In accordance with the Charter, arrangements will be made for the paid members to vote on the change.

Photos of the trip to Ireland were available on the Genealogy Table for members to view. The next meeting is scheduled for July 17 and will be hosted by Jan Sullivan. Details will be provided on the mailing list.


 A motion was made by Donna Vaughn and seconded by Jan Sullivan to adjourn the meeting. The motion was approved and the meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Brearton, Secretary

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