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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
June 2004

These notes were taken and transcribed by TIGS Member Kristin Ayotte
and originally distributed thrrough the TIGS mailing list


Troy Irish Genealogy Society Meeting Notes
June 17, 2004

Members of TIGS did meet on 6/17/04 at Mahrs in South Troy. Attending the meeting were; Frank Ryan, Kay Brearton, Donna Vaughn, Lizette Strait, Marialice Mangan, Bill McGrath, Larry Malone, Connie LaPosta and Kristin Ayotte.

The meeting was co-chaired by Lizette Strait and Donna Vaughn. Notes were taken by Kristin Ayotte. Minutes from the last meeting were approved as edited by last months attendees and as posted to the mailing list.

Old Business

l. Records from St. Peters and their accessiblility was tabled due to the absence of Jeanne Keefe.

2. Transcription of the Records of the Burials in Mt Ida has been tabled until the project is more workable.

3. Records from the Burden Iron Mills - Lynn Grice, Bill McGrath and Marialice Mangan met with Jim Cosaro, Librarian at the Rensselaer County Historical Society and Kathy Sheehan, the Registrar at the Rensselaer County Historical Society. Bill and Marialice did give a brief description of the meeting but since Lynn Grice is the main contact person for this project and was unable to attend this month's meeting, I will defer all comments until she is able to report on the meeting so that an accurate accounting of the meeting can be recorded.

4. Lizette Strait, with further organization of the group in mind, presented the members who were present with a copy of a draft of a "Constitution and By-Laws" that she had put together. The group agreed to review and comment at the next meeting. Lizette was to send a copy out to the members not present that usually attend including; Jeanne Keefe, Mike McAlonie and Lynn Grice. In the same vein of conversation the Mission Statement of the group was discussed and the logo. Both of these items had been tentatively approved in the past but never posted to the website.

5. The topic of speakers was brought up and the group agreed again that it will be tabled until the October meeting.

6. The website updates have been put on hold due to the unavailability of Jeanne Keefe for a few months. We all agree that this is a vital piece of the organization that needs to be addressed. The sooner it is up and really running the sooner we can move forward. Unfortunately we have had a few set backs with it and have few members with the knowledge and experience to manage it.

Our goal is to update it, have our transcription goals and completions on it, expand membership and accomplish our Mission; "The mission of the Troy Irish Genealogy Society is to discover, share and honor the heritage of our Troy Irish families through informal monthly meetings, our website and participation of our members".

7. There are a few member projects still hanging in the wings; Lynn Grice - " Village of Emly", Lizette Strait - "Living On the Edge", Donna Vaughn -" Green Island" and Mike McAlonie " West Troy" and "Local Photographers". An update will be given at the next meeting.

8. Chat Room was discussed again. Donna will contact Pat Connors to inquire into procedure for setting up, connections, moderator, etc. We thought a topic could be agreed to on the list and the chat room might be a good forum for all list members to participate.


New Business

1. Lizette suggested that the group take advantage of advertising it's existence in the Troy Record and local publications such as the Advertiser. She will look into how to go about and cost and report at the next meeting. The group agreed that we should post a message on the Renss County and NY Irish Mailing list for increased interest and membership. Our mailing list stands at roughly 50 since the inception of the list.

2. Marialice will soon be in the possession of a new publication "The History of the Troy Police Benevolent Society" by Don Rittner. She will review and see what use it can be to the group and the possibility of sharing the contents.

3. Since we have put speakers on hold, Lizette suggested that members share experiences with the group. This can include any genealogy topic; brick walls, unusual findings while researching, where to research, etc. The group agreed to give it a trial run so at the end of the next meeting Lizette has volunteered to be the first speaker. We will allow 15 minutes at the end of the meeting for any member who submits in advance a request to be put on the agenda. One member per month will have the opportunity to have the spotlight on them.

4. Lizette brought up that the group did enjoy the sharing of family documents, pictures, genealogy related items, etc. that had been shared at previous meetings. We had proposed in the past to have a seperate table for display and will try to put that in place at the July meeting. Although we want to become organized and recognized as a valuable organization devoted to Troy Irish Genealogy, we do also want the members to enjoy attending the meetings. It is the little things like this that make some people attend.

5. Group Tours are always one of the favorite topics. The group was thrilled with the tour of the Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway and the excellent program that was presented. The likelihood or a repeat visit was met with appreciation. Suggested was a tour of the Rensselaer County Historical Society's building. It was also suggested that we could join other groups for outings, such as the AOH. Bill McGrath mentioned once again the Watervliet Arsenal Tour and will look into that. The RCHS in July is taking a Hudson River (by boat) tour to West Point and then on to South Street Seaport.

6. Donna Vaughn informed the group that she had bid on an E-Bay Auction for Renss County Circuit Court Calendars from the 1800's and was successful. Hopefully she will receive before the next meeting and bring with her to share with the group. (This ties right into item #4 under New Business).

7. Frank Ryan conducted an informal survery to determine our computer compatibility for transcription projects. Six out of nine member use FTM, all have EXCEL, Internet Explorer and a PC. Should be able to work together without much difficulty.

8. Bill McGrath informed the group that there are marriage records in the basement of the Court House on 3rd Street. Each entry in the books located there has a code. The actual document is in boxes in the same location by the code number found in the book. The Marriage Index Books are as follows; 1908-1913, 1913-1918, 1918-1920, 1920-1924, 1924-1927 and 1928-1933.

9. In keeping with Fathers Day, Lizette shared some marvelous pictures of her father and family before they immigrated to the US. Her fathers family was from Austria and she had pictures of the village he was born in.

The meeting was adjourned and it was agreed to meet next on 7/15 at 6:15 at Mahrs. This meeting was made much more workable by simply rearranging the tables to form a "U" shape. Much more user friendly and members were able to interract easily.

Kris Cooney-Ayotte


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