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Troy, New York

January 18th, 2007 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting of the Troy Irish Genealogy Society was held on Thursday, January 18, 2007 at the Red Front Restaurant in Troy, New York. The following individuals were in attendance:

Kris Ayotte
Kay Brearton
Ed Dyer
Jeanne Keefe
Bill McGrath
Cathy McGrath
Joyce Musco
Lizette Strait
Jan Sullivan
Donna K. Vaughn

The meeting was called to order at 6:45 p.m. by Donna Vaughn, President. Joyce Musco was welcomed to the meeting,

A motion was made by Jeanne Keefe and seconded by Jan Sullivan to approve the minutes of the December 14, 2006 meeting. The motion passed. The minutes have been published on the TIGS website.


Donna Vaughn informed the members that on February 3 there will be a Celtic Night at the Celtic Hall in East Greenbush. She also gave a brief overview of the items discussed at the recent Board meeting.

There was no report from the Vice President, Kris Ayotte. She distributed membership cards she had laminated.

Cathy McGrath, Treasurer, reported that the current balance in the treasury is $608.20. A $30 check was issued today to cover the balance due for the screen printing. Of the $165 recently deposited, $115 consisted of donations. The dues increase to $10 is now effective for new members. Those who have paid for this year will receive a few months grace period to carry them over to January 2008 at which time they will pay $10 to renew their membership. Various methods of increasing dues paying members and/or donations utilizing the website and list were discussed. Lizette Strait will look into adding a note about dues in the footer. It was suggested that e-mail be sent to the list with a link to the website which would lead to a membership form.

Webmaster, Jeanne Keefe, reported that Volume II of the Rensselaer County Marriage Index is on the website. Still to go up on the site are the 1903 city directory deaths and the lookup resource list. The 1903 deaths must be integrated with the 1902. As a method of increasing dues paying members, Kris Ayotte, suggested allowing only dues paying members to post surnames on the website. Also mentioned was the possibility of a “members only” section on the website which would require a password to access. This could give dues paying members access to items such as the surname list, resource list, etc. The increase in dues to $10 will be effective January 18, 2007 and each year it will cover January through December.

Lizette Strait reported that there are currently 185 list members.

Bill McGrath, Project Chairperson, reported that Volume II is on line. He noted the jump in hits on the website counter when Volume II went up. He asked if it would be possible to have volunteers begin work on Volume III during January and February. Jeanne Keefe said that she could make the scanner and computer available on a Saturday or Sunday. Bill suggested scanning all the grooms’ records first and then the brides’. He noted that in many cases in Volume II the clerk who entered the data entered the current date and not the date of the marriage. That information would be available when the person requested a copy of the certificate form the County Clerk. Bill discussed the benefit of creating a business card for TIGS that would include the website address and could be given to individuals who are interested in the Society. Jeanne Keefe agreed to develop a business card and send it to the officers who could in turn print it on card stock paper.


Donna Vaughn shared the price list for various items that could be imprinted with the TIGS logo. Joyce Musco volunteered to handle the mailing of shirts to those who make a donation. Kris Ayotte suggested that a reduced price be available for paid members; e.g., $12.50 vs. $15.00.

Donna Vaughn reminded the members about the TIGS participation in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Albany. Kay Brearton reported back on the tentative price for a banner for the Society. A motion was made by Kris Ayotte and seconded by Jeanne Keefe to approve the required expenditure for a banner. The motion passed. Ed Dyer asked that a price be obtained from another vendor – Swota in North Troy. Kay Brearton will get a price from them before any purchase is made. Jeanne Keefe will generate the design for the banner.

Kris Ayotte will develop an introduction for the resource list before it is put up on the website.

Donna reminded the members that Jeanne Keefe will be giving her speech about Troy at RPI and the public is welcome free of charge.

The members discussed the contents of the proposed newsletter which would be published quarterly. It was suggested that it include family histories that are submitted as well as genealogy queries and genealogy events. Also part of the newsletter would be a membership form for interested parties to join TIGS. It could also include helpful websites for genealogists. It was suggested that the newsletter could be available on the website to paid members.

The agenda item regarding possible changes to the Charter was tabled.

Donna noted that a letter from TIGS was sent supporting the proposal to add weekend hours to the NYS Library schedule. Many individuals also sent letters. The members discussed the participation of TIGS in the Irishfest in Altamont. Lizette Strait suggested that a posterboard presentation be developed to illustrate some of the projects that have been undertaken by TIGS. The marriage index project could be highlighted.


The President told the members about the successful fundraiser recently held by a local church group. It was similar to the antique road show. People brought items to be appraised - $5.00 for one item and $10.00 for three items. The appraiser worked free of charge. It would be an excellent idea for a fundraiser for TIGS; however, a location would be needed. The members will investigate possible locations.


Bill McGrath brought many of his family history items with him to share with the members. Kris Ayotte demonstrated the new miniature scanner she purchased. It is slightly larger than a pencil and scans pages of information which can then be loaded on to a computer.

The February 15 meeting will be held at MJ’s on the Avenue (formerly Old Daley Inn) in North Troy at 6:30 p.m.


A motion was made by Cathy McGrath and seconded by Kris Ayotte to adjourn the meeting. The motion was approved and the meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Brearton, Secretary



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