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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
January, 2005

These notes were taken and transcribed by TIGS Member Kristin Ayotte
and originally distributed thrrough the TIGS mailing list

The Troy Irish Genealogy Society did meet on Wednesday, January 19 th, 2005 at the Capital District Celtic Cultural Center located at 251 River Street In Troy, NY. Attending the meeting were Bill McGrath, Jeanne Keefe, Kristin Ayotte and first time attendee Pat Mooney.

The meeting was brought to order by Co-Chair, Kristin Ayotte. A prepared agenda was distributed to attendees. The first matter of business was to commend each other for braving the below zero weather and snow that had dumped over a foot and was still falling. Our new member, Pat, had driven from Rotterdam to attend, Bravo!! Bill also had driven a distance from Clifton Park while Jeanne and I are Trojans and found the driving difficult. You have to love the Northeast in the winter.

Prior to beginning the business portion of the meeting members had time to chat with Pat and let her know about the group and what we are trying to accomplish. We exchanged surname interests, where to look, what to look for, etc. Bill is a wealth of information on locations of various records and shared some of his previous postings to the list.


The minutes from the last meeting were sent to attendees with no corrections received, therefore Jeanne will post to the website.

Members Projects – Bill tells us that the 4926 Death Notice have been compiled by Jeanne to date. 11 pages are yet to be transcribed and then proof read, 4 pages being proof read as of the night of the meeting. Pat Mooney offered to transcribe 2 of the 11 remaining and Kristin took 2 more pages. Bill has had some difficulty contacting some list members who took pages for transcription and have not completed. If you are one of those members please contact Bill with an update so that we can complete the project and get it posted to the website.

Website Update – Because of recent difficulty securing a solid meeting place and therefore having to switch from Thursday to Wednesday, Jeanne has now put the Meeting Link in bold red lettering at the top of the page. Please be sure to check each month for the posting of the next meeting.

Tours – Nothing currently planned or to be reported on.

Group Resources – Tabled until Donna Vaughn is present

Report from List Administrator – Postponed until Donna Vaughn is present

Links to other websites – No new links at the time of the meeting, however after the meeting I was on the website Cyndi’s List and found we are now linked from that site.

Meeting Room Discussion – We are still actively seeking a permanent location for our meetings. For now we will continue to meet at the CDCCC and post to the list if any change is made. That means we will continue on the 3 rd Wednesday of the month, as Thursdays are not available. The Troy Public Library was again brought up, they did have Wednesdays available in the past but the meeting would have to end by 8:00 as the building closes. Further discussion on the list would be appreciated.

Charter and Mission Statement – The final changes were approved and are now incorporated. Both can be viewed at the website, Jeanne has added a link for all to have access to the documents.



Checking Account – Jeanne Keefe reports that Charter One Bank offers a no-fee business account for small not for profit organizations. Following election of officers this will be the responsibility of the treasurer elect to set up for the group.

Genealogy Table – Donna Vaughn’s presentation on Green Island is still anticipated and hopefully will be rescheduled soon.

Bill’s posting of location of records in Troy will be sent to Jeanne to be posted to the list for new members to avail themselves of.

The meeting was adjourned; Pat began her long journey back to Rotterdam and the rest of us retired to Holmes and Watson’s Pub for a bite to eat.

The next meeting will be held on 2/16/05 at 6:15 at the CDCCC, a posting will be made to the website with directions.

Kris Cooney-Ayotte



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