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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
January, 2004

These notes were taken and transcribed by TIGS Member Kristin Ayotte
and originally distributed thrrough the TIGS mailing list

Troy Irish Genealogy Society Meeting Notes
January 15, 2004

My intent was to get these notes up much sooner BUT due to unforeseen family events I have been unable to until now. My apologies for those that anxiously await news of our meetings. By now both Bill and Frank may be in Florida so I hope they have lap tops.

Attending this month were Jeanne Keefe, Frank Ryan, Kay Brearton, Marialice Mangan, Donna Vaughn, Lizette Strait, Margaret McAlonie, Michael McAlonie, Kris Ayotte, and Bill McGrath came in after the completion of formal business. We had a very short cocktail session due to the extremely cold weather, surprised at how many people ventured out. Had to be one of the coldest, windiest nights we have had, BUT there we were. Met at the Grove Restaurant near Hudson Valley Community College. Donna had prepared an agenda for the evening and we did our best to stick to it. We had everyone introduce themselves as there were some new people there.


Agenda Items

Ideas for our Website

1.(Donna Vaughn) Donna is working on a section that will be devoted to Green Island, she has a source that was written up for the bicentennial of the village and will be referencing that as well has her own knowledge of GI.

2. (Lynn Carey-Grice) The connection between the village of Emly, Co.Tipperary in Ireland and Troy, NY was tabled until Lynn Grice can attend.

3. (Lynn Carey-Grice) Some discussion was held on transcriptions of old newspaper articles. This is open to all of us and how to do it was the main concern. The article would need to be copied at the source (library, etc.) and then scanned into your computer. If you do not have a scanner it would entail typing as a word document then copy, paste and save as HTML was offered up by those present with computer knowledge. These articles would be used as reference on our website.

4.(Mike and John, Lynn Sisk) The next agenda item was a suggestion by several list members including Mike McAlonie, who was present, that we have a section on the website devoted to West Troy/Watervliet. Mike, in general, would like to compile a list of photographers, including this area and Troy, with their years in business and address. He hopes this might help in identifying old photos for list members. This began a lively discussion by Lizette who would like to do an article on Waterfront Activity in the area. This too would be posted to the website and she welcomes any list member to volunteer information.

5. (Marialice) The next item was Troy Resources and of course they are discussed quite a bit on the list and Bill McGrath has consistently offered up further information. It was suggested that Bills “articles” be posted as a web feature.

6. (Pat Connors) Purcell’s Funeral Home was a topic as a fire was mentioned. Seems everything goes up in smoke, alluding to records that are lost in fires. I personally have spoken with relatives and they do not know what became of the records. Some of the list members have received personal E-mail from Mrs. Purcell’s’ granddaughter, Melissa, in response to requests for information. With that Lizette questioned how we would compile a list of funeral parlors that existed in Troy. Not sure if we came up with an answer.

7. (Marialice) Next agenda item was a request from Marialice that each of us on the list do our best to give a time frame with our stories posted to the list. This discussion led to other “little” details, such as changing the subject line on our responses to the list, eliminating forwards and the use of Reply to All. We agreed and I volunteered to print out some of the great “Recollections” that have been posted as we do not have an archive. Perhaps one day we will so some personal publishing from these items. Jeanne Keefe suggested we tape record the meetings for inclusion in future personal publishing for the group, this was tabled for a future discussion.

8. (Mary Dunn) Next agenda item was to identify many places in Ireland that sent significant numbers of people to Troy, as well as the rough time periods of those migrations. By this time in the meeting there were a lot of different discussions taking place. Lizette made note that the internet has sites available showing where families migrated from and where to. Frank informed the group that Irish web sites show name patterns in Ireland and where they migrated to.

9. (Pat Connors) Pat has graciously gotten the “TIGS” website up and running and was looking for a volunteer. I can assure Pat that there were several volunteers who are not quite computer literate, other than E-mail. However, Jeanne Keefe has offered her services on a temporary basis. Jeanne is quite capable, in fact is in charge of another web site currently for a professional group that she belongs to. She will take over the reins and has offered to train Mike McAlonie and myself in the mysteries of web site hosting.

Structure of Notes  (Kris) I had put this up as an agenda item to get some input as to what people are looking for following our meetings. At the meeting I was told that my “summaries” were A-Okay with the group, so I will continue to post them. Looking forward I will do my best to follow the agenda items as posted prior to the meetings. Keep in mind this is an informal group and at times there have been 3 or 4 conversations going on at one time. Hopefully without losing the flavor of the group we will become a little more orderly and notes will be easier kept. I may even limit my intake of Budweiser to concentrate more fully!!

Future Field Trips (Donna) By this point in the meeting Bill McGrath had arrived and as usual had ideas to share. The Watervliet Arsenal has a museum of documents from the area; we will look into visiting as a group. The Mohawk Hudson Industrial Gateway Building in South Troy was mentioned as a source of information for the Burden Iron Works. Jeanne mentioned the Albany Catholic Diocese Archives and will look into it for us.

Future Business  

We will meet next on March 20 th at the Grove at 6:15. We will continue to look for varied meeting places.

New Business  

We will continue to look into meeting places such as the Troy Library and look for other suggestions for the group.

Jeanne Keefe and Pat Connors should contact one another concerning the web site. Mike McAlonie and Kris Ayotte should contact Jeanne Keefe to arrange training sessions at Jeanne’s convenience.

Bill McGrath has suggested that we have an extra table at our meetings for a show and tell. Members have been bringing some interesting items to the meetings and passing them around, pictures, articles, books, etc.

When Jeanne has taken over the website we will continue to seek a permanent volunteer from the list. Items that have been posted to the list would be compiled and sent to the web for posting.

Marialice is interested in putting together “Murders in Troy” from obituaries in early papers. This brought up copyright laws, Homeland Security and HIPPA concerns from Jeanne, so need to be looking into further before we post. Credits and citations would have to be given.

Kris Cooney-Ayotte

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