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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
December 2004

These notes were taken and transcribed by TIGS Member Kristin Ayotte
and originally distributed through the TIGS mailing list


The Troy Irish Genealogy Society did meet on Thursday, December 16 th, at Mahrs Place in South Troy. Attending the meeting were Kristin Ayotte, Bill McGrath, Rich and Eileen Shea, Lizette Strait, Mike McAlonie and Jeanne Keefe. The meeting had been planned as a holiday gathering but an abbreviated business portion was conducted.

The meeting was brought to order by Jeanne Keefe. Minutes from the last meeting, 11/17/04, were previously approved by attending members and posted to the web site.



 Members Projects – Bill McGrath informed the group that there are 29 people across the country working on the transcription of the Burden Records. At the time of the meeting there were 16 of 73 pages still out being transcribed. Kay Brearton, Marialice Mangan and Lynn Grice are doing proofreading. Bill asked for more volunteers to move the project along. He had pages with him at the meeting and Kristin Ayotte volunteered to assist. There are still pages to be proofread and volunteers are being sought. When completed Jeanne Keefe will set up for posting on the TIGS Web site.

Website Update – Jeanne informed the group that with every addition to the site we would need to look for growth options. We have limited space allowed and will need to explore other avenues.

Tours – None planned

Group Resources – Tabled

Report from List Administrator – Tabled

Links to other websites – Tabled

Meeting Place Discussion – The group attempted to book Mahrs Place for the January meeting but the room was not available. Will meet in January at the CDCC at 6:15 on 1/19/05. Jeanne will post directions, details on the web site. The night and location of future meetings is up for further discussion. It was noted that the CDCC is planning a move per the bulletin received by several members.

Charter/Mission Statement – The Charter and Mission Statement were posted for review by all list members and only 3 comments were received for change and 1 for no change. Both Donna and Ruth were concerned with the Mission Statement using only the word “Troy” when referring to our Irish Families. The group agreed that inserting other cities into the Mission Statement would lose its original identity of researching Troy Ancestry. Realizing that families did indeed move from place to place, but maintaining our focus on Troy, the group agreed to insert the word “area” into the Mission Statement. Therefore the following is the final draft; “The mission of the Troy Irish Genealogy Society is to discover, share and honor the heritage of our Troy area Irish families through monthly meetings, our web-site and participation of our members.”

Bob had also commented on the above item and also noted that getting 2/3 of the dues paying members to make changes to the charter would be extremely difficult. He suggested that 2/3 of the vote cast would be appropriate. This change was adopted.



Member Projects – Joan Howe has contributed a listing of the Troy Police Department back to the original members. It has been posted to the web site.

Charter – Dues collected from membership will be used for postage, copies and any costs affiliated with projects in the future.

Checking Account – Jeanne Keefe will look into opening a checking account for TIGS to deposit membership dues.

Co-Chairs – Kristin Ayotte volunteered to chair the January and February meetings. A co-chair would be greatly appreciated.

Genealogy Table – Lizette Strait shared a notebook found while renovating her home. Details of the notebook were previously posted to the list. Kristin Ayotte brought with her a business card circa 1910 found in her home to give to Lizette. The card belonged to the builder of her home, George Strait, an ancestor of Lizettes’. Kristin also gave to each attending member an Irish 1 cent Euro as a “very” small holiday gift.

Holiday Gathering - The group ordered food and enjoyed some holiday chatter before going home to holiday work…



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