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TIGS Monthly Meeting Notes
April, 2004

These notes were taken and transcribed by TIGS Member Kristin Ayotte
and originally distributed thrrough the TIGS mailing list

Troy Irish Genealogy Society Meeting Notes
April 14, 2004

Our monthly meeting was held on 4/15/04 at the Country Grove. Attending were Kristin Ayotte, Lynn Grice, Jeanne Keefe, Larry and Barbara Malone, Bill McGrath, Frank Ryan, Lizette Strait and Donna Vaughn.

Lizette set the tone with a lively description of a book, "Letters From the Attic" by Gregg Condon. The book describes a collection of letters found that describe the day to day activity of family members long after they were gone. Don't ever underestimate the value of your "paper life" to those that will want to know you and about you in years to come.

Lynn brought up that the group as a whole has had a great social impact on one another, sharing information, sharing sucesses with our individual searchs and of course good company. BUT it is time to move on and find a project that will interest all of us and give us something to work on as a group. She has suggested a transcription project (that has been mentioned on another site), that being the 3 microfilms in the Troy Room at the Troy Library called the"Burials in Mt. Ida Cemetary". The films actually cover much more than Mt. Ida Cemetary, these are burial records that cover 1832-1891 in Troy. Lynn has spoken with someone at the Libary and they are in agreement that perhaps they can put a plan in place. Lynn is following up, we had several volunteers at the meeting and know we can get more in place to get the job done. I will let Lynn inform the list of details as she is the "Project Coordinator" and is much better versed in transcription than I who have never worked on one of these undertakings.

Jeanne hopes to get with Mike McAlonie this month and start training him so that the web site can get up to speed. Old business was not gone over as all of it relates to and depends on the web site getting running. (Mike are you out there??? We haven't heard from you in a bit and missed you at the meeting).

Lizette and Donna will be heading over to the Berkshire Athenaeum better know as the Pittsfield Library on Saturday, May 1st. They are asking anyone on the list who would like to form a car pool or caravan to contact Donna Vaughn and let her know. Donna has sent the link so that you can check the site and see their great array of resources. They will leave from the Country Grove parking lot at 8:30 am and spend the day. Please contact Donna for further details.

Reminder Oakwood Cemetary has upcoming events and tours;
* Sunday 6/6 1-2:30 "More Millionaires at Oakwood" Tom Carroll, noted historian will lead the tour, call (518)272-2521 to register, meet at the Earl Chapel

* Tuesday 8/24 9am-11am "Tiffanys, 100 Mile Views, Uncle Sam, Waterfalls and Wealth", a walking tour with Terry Page, Presdent of Oakwood, call same number to register, meet at the Earl Chapel

* There are several other events listed if you are interested. I am listing those that deal with history and genealogy.

I mentioned to the group that I was reading a back issue of "Adirondack Life" (10/03) and came across an article on building the railroad in the Adirondacks in NYS. On the list we often see people asking about occupations that we find for our ancestors, usually in the steel mills and collar shops. Many of our ancestors built the railroads and this article gave definition to their job titles. Of course Frank Ryan piped right up and without the magazine was able to define a "gandy dancer", but then Frank is a knowledgable guy. I will post the information to the list for those who have interest in railroading ancestors (no pun intended).

Larry and Barb Malone attended the meeting for the first time and enjoyed the company and banter. Of course I have been hounding them for months now, seeing as we are cousins. Larry just returned from a trip to Ireland with his son, Bob Malone. He broke more brick walls than some of us do in years of research, having met "living" relatives and is now corresponding with them to fill in the blanks. We do hope they come back for more and that those on the list who can come to a "first" meeting will do that.

Our discussion on Emly, Tipperary was postponed until Ed Connolly can attend and share his expertise. Appears he hopped a plane for Florida to greet his first grandchild, Brenna Reed born 3/26/04, does he have his priorities straight I wonder. He and Bill McGrath should have some lively discourse as they appear to be populating the next Irish generation here in the US.

Of interest to some out there is that the NYS Libary has Oakwood Avenue Cemetary Records, also the Renssalaer City Clerks office is now open until 7:00 PM on Thursdays.

We will plan on meeting on Thursday, April 20th at 6:15 at the Country Grove across from HVCC.

Kristin Cooney-Ayotte


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