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Ahnentafel Chart for Edmund A. MCMAHON


First Generation

1.     Edmund A. MCMAHON1 was born2 Jun 7 1910 in Troy, NY. He died1 Jul 17 1991 in Troy, NY and was buried1 in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Troy, NY.

Edmund married2,3 Catherine Regina COYNE "Kay"1, daughter of John J. COYNE and Ellen KITTRICK "Helen Or Nellie", on Aug 22 1936 in Green Island, NY. Kay was born2 Jan 21 1912 in Troy, NY. She died1 Jan 12 1970 in Troy, NY and was buried1 in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Troy, NY.


Second Generation

2.     Michael J. MCMAHON2 was born4,5 Sep 27 1867 in Troy, NY. He died6 Oct 20 1910 in Troy, NY. Michael married7,8,9,10,11 Catherine T. DALEY on 1898.

3.     Catherine T. DALEY was born12 Mar 1879 in Troy, NY. She died 1958 in Troy, NY and was buried in St. Joseph's cemetery.


Third Generation

4.     Patrick MCMAHON "Patrick McMahan"13 was born14 Oct 1846 in Ireland. He died15 Feb 19 1911 in Troy, NY and was6 Feb 21 1911 in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Troy, NY. Patrick McMahan married17,18 Johanna MCNAMARA on Aug 14 1866 in St. Mary's Church, Rev. Peter Havenmans.

5.     Johanna MCNAMARA19 was born14 Sep 1846 in Ireland. She died20 Apr 6 1927 in Troy, NY and was buried20 Apr 9 1927 in St. Joseph's Cemetery.

6.     James DALEY was born21,22 1848 in Dublin, Ireland. He died23 Jan 8 1925 in Troy, New York and was buried23 Jan 10 1925 in St. Mary's Cemetery. James married24,25,26,27 Margaret FURLONG on 1878.

7.     Margaret FURLONG was born Apr 5 1847 in Ireland. She died28,29 1915 in Troy, NY.


Fourth Generation

8.     Michael MCMAHON Sr.30 was born in Ireland. He married Anna DAVIS.

9.     Anna DAVIS was born in Ireland.

10.   James MCNAMARA was born in Ireland. He married Bridgit BURNS.

11.   Bridgit BURNS was born31 in Ireland.

12.   John DALEY22 was born22 in Ireland. He married Mary GALLAGHER.

13.   Mary GALLAGHER22 was born22 in Ireland.


Appendix A  -  Notes

1.  Edmund A. MCMAHON

1M. Marriage of Edmund A. MCMAHON and Catherine Regina COYNE

Married by Austin J. Corbert, Catholic priest residing at 136 Hudson Ave., Green Island, NY

Witnesses : Valentine Berghammer of 218 Francis St., and Mary E. Stevens of 339 Washington Ave.,Albany NY


2.  Michael J. MCMAHON

Baptism witnesses were Patrick McNamara and Mary Burke

Some census give year of birth as 1877. Michael McMahon of Troy, NY in 1998, had him born in 1850. Thew 1900 census has him as 26, born in 1874.


The Troy Times : Thursday Afternoon October 20 1910


Patrolman Michael J. McMahon of the First precinct Station was shot by Nicola Consoli. an Italian, about 1 o'clock this morning at the rear of 262 Fourth Street where he went to investigate the sound of shots. He died in the ambulance on the way to the Troy Hospital shortly after 1:35 o'clock. It was a cruel, cold-blooded murder of a well known patrolman in the performance of his duty at one of the dangerous places in the city- an Italian boarding house kept by Mrs. Francis Sands. Patrolman McMahon had been serving in the police force the last seven years.


Arranged on Murder Charge

Consoli was arraigned before Justice Valentine this morning on the charge of murder in the first degree. He was represented by John P. Judge, who entered a plea of not guilty. Assistant District attorney Quillinan said that the people were not ready , and asked for an adjournment. The case was adjourned, with Mr. Judge's consent to Friday, October 28 at 9:00 0'clock in the morning.


Shooting Followed Arrests

About 1 o'clock several shots were heard in the vivinity of the boarding house and Patrolmen McMahon and Fitzgerald ran from their posts on Third Street to the boarding house, where there had been trouble in the afternoon and which McMahon had quieted. As they entered the alley between the houses 262 and 264 Fourth Street they caught Dominick Antonlozza and another Italian fleeing from the premises.The policemen arrested them, but they would not talk.

Went to his Death

McMahon said to Fitzgerald "here, you take care of these fellows and I'll go see what it's all about". Armed with his club, he went to the rear of the house and rapped at the door which is reached by four steps from the ground. The house was quiet but was dimly lighted.


The Fatal Shot

The door was not opened. After a few moments McMahon shoved his weight against it, it trembled and a moment later it swung partially open. A shot rang out penetrating a door of the adjoining building. Almost instantaneously there was another shot and the door was again shut. McMahon, dazed, slowly descended the steps and walked into the yard in the rear of the house, saying to Fitzgerald.

"Get the curly headed fellow, with black hair". Then Fitzgerald realized that McMahon was shot, and with some bystanders he helped him to a seat perhaps sixty feet away between two houses on the opposite side of the yard. The First Precinct station was notified and additional officers came with a rush.


A Revolver Recovered

Patrolman Fitzgerald recovered a revolver in the Sands house last night with which it is supposed the shooting was done. It was a thirty two caliber gun with all the chambers loaded. it is supposed that the murderer had reloaded the weapon after shooting down McMahon. However this point is not established.

Catching the Murderer

Patrolmen Fitzgerald and Glasheen drew their guns and entered the door whence the fatal shot had come a moment before; other officers had surrounded the house. The policemen turned up the kerosene lights and, with drawn revolvers, passed through the kitchen, into the first bedroom and then into an adjoining bedroom, where they found Consoli. His "black head with curly hair" stuck out from the bed clothing and Fitzgerald nabbed him. As they drew back the bedclothing they found Consoli fully drssed, and they were certain of their man. Consoli did not wish to go with the officers but their clubs were persuasive, and he was taken to McMahon, who identified him as the murderer.


Sixteen other Arrests

Every occupant of the house was arrested, sixteen others besides Consoli being taken to the First Precinct Station as fast as they could be handled. They were all wanted as witnesses. Some were mere boys. Both Italians whom McMahon and Fitzgerald had....continued page 14 --have balance of article


Troy Times : Friday afternoon October 21 1910

Established relief fund for family -

Funeral arrangements :

Police funeral --from his residence 332 Fourth Street at 9:30 o'clock; later at St. Mary's Church where a requiem high mass will be celebrated. The internment will be in St. Joseph's Cemetery.

....The Commisioner of Public Safety engaged Doring's Band of sixteen pieces to lead the funeral cortege. At the grave the selections by the band will be "Farewell to the Force" and "Nearer . My God. To Thee".


MICHAEL MCMAHON 36 (b.c. 1874) married 13 years, Catharine 30 mother of 8 children, 5 living

Margaret 10
John 9
Joseph 8
Michael 7
William 2

A Michael died Apr 24, 1910
A William died Jun 3, 1910

Troy Times article incl page 14 which says:

"Patrolman McMahon had been singularly unfortunate recently. Within a week (this can't be true according to he above dates) he lost two children and his wife is just recovering from a long illness."


4.  Catherine T. DALEY

1910 census has her having 8 children , 5 living at 1910

Michael McMahon of Troy, NY in 1998 had her birth date in 1869.

1900 census has her having one child at 1900 census time, child was alive at that date.


5.  Patrick MCMAHON

2   ALT B. DATE OCT 1848

2  PLAC Killaloe ?, Ireland

from 1900 census - see different birth dates for sons : John Mar 1878; Patrick July 1879; Dennis Sep 1883


Troy Record

McMahon - In this city Feb 19 1911, Patrick McMahon, husband of Johanna McNamara, and father of John, Patrick and Dennis McMahon, and Mrs. James Holmes and brother of Michael McMahon. Funeral from the residence 276 Third Street, rear Tuesday morning at 9:45 0'clock and thence to St. Mary's church at 10:15 where a requiem high mass will be sung. Friends are invited to attend.

4M. Marriage of Patrick MCMAHON and Johanna MCNAMARA

1900 census would have marriage in 1871-1872 timeframe


6.  Johanna MCNAMARA


2  DATE 1855

2  PLAC Ireland; death certificate has age as 72

1900 Census : both parents born in Ireland; Johanna had 9 children 6 living at 1900; married 28 years


7.  James DALEY

Death certificate suggest he was born in abt 1862; in US for 50 years

Soundex 1900 Census Reel 169 V221 Ed 93 Sheet 5

Notes of Patsy Hoffmann: NY 1820-46; Port of Entry, N.Y.; name of vessel,  Prentice; nat. GB, last res. GB May 1842 this could not be same as it is before the birth of our great grandparents. Some records indicate different years of birth for James Daly (ie: 1847 & 1855)   

1900 census

JAMES DALY b. May 1855
Margaret b. Apr 1847
Mary b. Feb 1885
James b. Aug 1886
Thomas b. Jul 1889
Jennie b. 1891

MCMAHON, MICHAEL b. MAY 1874!!!!! s-i-l married 2y
Catharine daughter(of James) b. Mar 1879 married 2y
Margaret b. Aug 1899

#8-James Daley's obit mentions late wife, Margaret and children, Peter and James and Mrs. Katherine MCMAHON, Mrs. George Trembly, Mrs Joseph Fallon, Mrs. John McKnight, & Mrs. Jennie Cheney.

Troy Record :

Daley-- In this city, Jan 8 1925 James Daley, husband of the late Margaret Daley and  father of Peter and James Daley and Mrs. Katherine McMahon, Mrs. George Trembly, Mrs. Joseph Fallon, Mrs. John McKnight and Mrs. Jennie Cheney at the residence 52 Adams Street. Funeral Saturday morning at 9'o' clock from the residence thence to St. Mary's where a requiem high mass will be sung. Friends are invited to attend.
Possible Immigration : ---all of course in conflict with birth date
DALY,James,,,,,Dublin,1852/04/02,ODESSA,New York,,#1
6M. Marriage of James DALEY and Margaret FURLONG

8.  Margaret FURLONG


2  DATE 5 APR 1847


2  SOUR (1) NYS Census 1910 (2) Michael, McMahon, 1038-6th Ave., Apt. # 2, Troy, NY 12180, According to Michael, Margaret is was born in Limerick, Ireland. (3) Rita (McKnight) Barrett, Saratoga Springs, NY, Rita lists Margaret as being born in Dublin, but, has Lim


2  DATE 1915

2  PLAC Troy, NY

2  SOUR (1) Michael, McMahon, 1038-6th Ave., Apt. # 2, Troy, NY 12180. (2) Rita (McKnight) Barrett, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Death certificate shows Margaret's maiden name to be Furlong ; also she had pre-deceased James as he was shown as a widow at his death Jan 8 1925

Some census records indicate different birth years for Margaret Roberts (ie: 1851&1857) .

The 1910 Census for NY shows birth place as Dublin, Ireland.

The 1900 census shows Margaret as born in New York, Parents born in Ireland.


1     Personal knowledge : Judith Ann McMahon Opp.

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6     The Troy Times : Thursday Afternoon October 20 1910.

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20    NYS Death Certificate # 22563; Troy, Rennselaer, NY.

21    1910  Census .

22    NYS Death Certificate , Troy, Rensselaer, NY # 2643, Oct 2 2003.

23    NYS Death Certificate , Troy, Rensselaer, NY # 2643.

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25     1880 Census Troy, NY.

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29    Rita (McKnight) Barrett, Saratoga Springs, NY.

30    NYS Death Certificate # 41208; Troy, Rennsealaer, NY.

31    1870 Census Troy, Rensselaer, NY 9th ward.

Submitted by David Opp


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