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Manning/McKeown, (Connell/Moriarty) and O'Brien/D'Allaird, (Delude/Packard).

Michael Manning-1864, Carrignavar, Dunbullage, Cork, Ire.
mother: Mary Connell, father: Michael Manning.  Wife: Margaret McKeown, 1866, Centre 5 Cork City, Cork, Ire. mother: Catherine Moriarty, father: John McKeown

Kenneth V. O'Brien-1925, Cohoes, NY. mother: Albina Delude, father: James O'Brien
Wife: Rita Anne D'Allaird-1927, Troy, NY. mother: Anna Manning-1886, father: Walter J. D'Allaird-1879

Family Tree is in World Tree # 1819902 and in

Researcher: Rita O'Brien

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