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First Generation:

Edward Lamb (b. 1791 Ireland - d. 1865 Canada) was a flax grower in County Monaghan, Ireland. He married Ann Malone (b. 1787, Rathmore, County Meath – d. 1875 Canada). They had 5 children, all born in Ireland: Edward, Andrew, Catherine, Margaret and Rosanna. At some point they immigrated to Melbourne, Richmond, Province of Quebec, Canada.

Second Generation:

Rosanna (b. 1827 Canada, d. 1901 Green Island) m. James Butler. Edward m. Mary Anne Kane and lived in Manchester, NH.Andrew m. Susan Caswell Sloane and lived in Island Pond, VT.Catherine m. Dennis Winters.Margaret m. Dennis Gleeson and lived in Island Pond, VT; they had 8 children.

Researcher: Donna Vaughn


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