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References to the Parish of Emly, County
Tipperary, Ireland
on Tombstones in Troy NY

Loretta M. Nial
Tombstone Inscriptions in Cemeteries in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York Indicating a Foreign Place of Origin.
Compiled 1976
Extracted by Lynn Carey Grice, March 2004

Surname  -   Cemetery

Baker   -   St. Joseph’s

James Baker d. April 21, 1883 aged 69 years
Erected by James Baker in mem. Wife Mary d. Dec 21, 1878
aged 72 yrs. Native of Parish of Emily (sic: Emly) Co. Tipperary, Ireland
Side 2
- David McEniry d. Nov 14, 1862 aged 50 years
Sides 3 & 4 - Blank

Crowe (see note at end)   - St. Peter’s

Hays - Old R.C. Cemetery – Lansingburgh
Erected by Edward (Edmund?) Hays in me
daughter Ally Hays d. march __1831 aged 1__years
Native of Ireland Parish of Emly co.Tipperary

McEniry  -  St. Joseph’s
William McEniry d. June 6, 1862
Catherine Dionovan his wife d. Aug 4, 1917
Natives of Parish of Emly Co. Tipperary Ireland
(on back)
Mary d. July 29, 1891
David d. July 2, 1902
Bridgid d. Oct 14, 1910
Annie d. Oct 22, 1921

McGrath - St. Joseph’s
John McGrath d. Feb 27, 1892 aged 50. Native of Emly Co.Tipperary Ireland. Erected by Wife Margaret who d. July 15, 1905 aged 60

Menane (Murnane) -  Old R.C. Cemetery – Lansingburgh
Patrick Menane native of Ireland Parish of Emly Co.Tipperary
Died Feb 25, 1832(?) aged 41 years 8 mos 27 days
Erected by his brother(?) Denis

Nial (see note at end) -  St. Peter’s

O’Connor -  St. Joseph’s
Erected by Bridget O’Connor in mem. Husband William O’Connor d. Jan 2, 1876 aged 59 native of Parish of Emly Co.Tipperary Ireland

O’Connor -  Old R.C. Cemetery – Lansingburgh
Erected by Catherine O’C (sic) in mem. Husband James (flaked) Conner native of Ireland Parish of Emley…Lim.(sic) died Aug (flaked 25) 1834 Aged (flaked) years

Ryan - St. Mary’s
Daniel Ryan d. July 5, 1883 aged 39. Native of Parish of Emly Co.Tipperary Ireland
Erected by wife Ellen d. Feb 22, 1919

Walsh -  Old R.C. Cemetery – Lansingburgh
Erected by Margeret (sic) in mem. of husband John Walsh native of Ireland Co. Limerick Parish of Emly Died Nov 27, 1844(?) aged 46. Also his son John died Sept 24, 1838 …..(rest buried) (next to James O’Connor of same place)

*  NOTE: The author includes many notes on the surnames CROWE and NIAL and their variations. It is not obvious what appears on these tombstones.


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