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First Generation: James Butler (b. 1826 Ireland – d. 1881 Green Island, NY) m. Rosanna Lamb (b. 1827 Canada – d. 1901 Green Island).

They had 4 children: James, Edward, Emily and Martha. James and Rosanna are buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Troy.


From The Troy Daily Times, Oct. 29, 1881, p. 3, col. 3:

A Singular and Distressing Accident—The Death of James Butler

James Butler, who was hurt at the Delaware and Hudson car shops, Green Island, about 4 o’clock yesterday morning, died of his injuries at 7 o’clock this morning, at his residence in that village. As related in the Times yesterday he was struck at the pit of the stomach by a large poker. The poker or "hoe" is a heavy iron rod about eight feet long, used in stirring a furnace fire. Butler had been using the poker, and as it was heated so that he could hold it only at one end he let the hot end rest on a rail and pushing it before him started on a run to take the poker to its place. The rod caught in the flooring, and Butler came violently in collision with the end of it. He reeled and called for help. An old gentleman named Snow, who was in the shop, heard Butler’s cries, and helped him to the office, where the wounded man seemed to revive a little, and he soon started alone for home on foot. His house is near the Delaware and Hudson freight house, at the lower end of Green Island, and a mile from the car shops. He soon became exhausted, but tottered toward home, and about 5 o’clock his wife heard someone at the front gate and recognized his moaning as her husband’s voice. She found him lying at the side of the gate unconscious. Dr. Steenbergh was summoned and he at once decided that Butler’s liver was dangerously lacerated. This morning Dr. Bontecou was called in conjunction with Dr. Steenbergh, but the case was hopeless. Butler died in terrible agony. Mrs. Butler was overcome by the sad fate of her husband and suffered a severe attack of convulsions. The deceased leaves two daughters, who lived with him, and a son, James Butler, recently married. He was 55 years old.


Second Generation: James Butler, a painter for the Delaware & Hudson Railroad, Green Island, (b. 1852 Watervliet, d. 1921 Green Island) m. Mary Elizabeth (Libbie) Steinway (b. 1859 Troy, NY, d. 1933 Green Island).

They were married in St. Peter’s Church, Troy, on Oct. 18, 1881. They had 4 children: James, Caroline, Harold and Charles. James and Mary are buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Troy.


Third Generation: James Butler (b. 1882 & d. 1958, Green Island), an optician for 50 years at Plumb Optometrists, Troy, m. Anna Driscoll (b. 1883 & d. 1953, Green Island). James served as Town Supervisor of Green Island from 1937 to 1949 and Trustee of the Village of Green Island for several years prior to that.

James and Anna had one child, still living. They are buried in St. Agnes Cemetery, Cohoes.

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